What are top executives saying about Dr. Sandro Iannicca?

Our Senior Executive Team was experiencing challenges as we were in the intense process of transforming our business. We reached out to several potential coaches to help us who were prepared to meet those challenges. We selected Sandro because of his background and experience having worked with C-Suite teams in similar circumstances. He listened carefully, conducted a thorough assessment of our current capabilities and opportunities to move forward as an aligned unit and shared his insights in a professional and direct manner. He worked with us both individually and as a team. Sandro was open and responsive throughout the engagement which lasted roughly 9 months. He offered guidance and insights which helped us to work together more effectively. It was definitely a memorable time in the evolution of our team dynamics, as business transformed.
— Michael McCain - President and CEO, Maple Leaf Foods
Dr. Sandro Iannicca of SI Consulting has been nothing less than instrumental in the transformation of our leadership team. His insights as an Industrial Psychologist were invaluable in making long-term decisions and proved to be entirely accurate with the passage of time. He evaluated, and in certain instances coached, senior executives in 2013 and 2015. In short, we will not make a change to our leadership team without first consulting Sandro. He understands our business and our corporate culture. Coupled with his professional credentials and capability, this has made his advice to us invaluable as we work continuously toward building a strong and durable platform for our business.
— Michael Emory - President & CEO, Allied Properties REIT
Dr. Iannicca’s unique ability to understand our business, assess each individual directly but subtly and respectfully, and determine the right combination of competencies to execute on our strategic plan, was impressive. More importantly, the trust relationship he created both individually and collectively, was a major success factor. This was his uniqueness and what separated him from other “organizational change” experts.
— Merv Hillier - CEO, The Centre for Education and Training
We first hired Sandro a number of years ago to help us identify and develop talent with a particular focus on planning for the eventual retirements of individuals from within our Executive team. Sandro’s training in Industrial Psychology sets him apart from other HR consultants. He has a systematic way of evaluating people’s behaviour, is very good at reading our employees, and understands our culture and what is important to us. Sandro has become our go-to person for employee assessments and high level executive coaching.
— John Fisher - President and CEO, Walker Industries

We engaged Sandro because our Executive Team (ET) wanted to transform itself to be a high-performing team. Sandro met with me and my leadership team, listened carefully, and constructed an approach specifically suited to our needs. He worked with our ET for about eighteen months, both on an individual and team basis. He introduced us to the principles and practices of a high-performance team and offered practical insights and new behaviours that made a positive impact to our team dynamic. He facilitated several offsite meetings, conducted individual coaching sessions, and was a regular observer and coach at our weekly meetings. Individual and team performance improved, and I believe we received a good return on the investment of time and money.

We continue to use Sandro on an as-needed basis to selectively coach senior leaders; conduct assessments of prospective executive team members; conduct ‘tune up’ sessions for the ET; and, serve as a sounding board on specific issues and priorities. I have found him to be quite knowledgeable, business minded, and easy to work with.
— Howard Eng - President & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
Our Senior Executive Team worked with Sandro over several months.  We had taken on some very ambitious targets and were looking to work more effectively together and to leverage our unique skills and abilities as leaders and team members.  He introduced us to the principles and practices of a high performance team and offered insights both at the individual and team level.  I believe we all improved as a result of his efforts.
— Scott McCain - President, JSM Capital Corporation (Formerly President and Chief Operating Officer of Agribusiness Group at Maple Leaf Foods Inc.)
As a senior leader in professional services firms, I have led and managed highly accomplished professionals for many years. Occasionally, some of these senior professionals require a unique approach to coaching around performance challenges. These situations can be complex and are frustrating as you can see the potential for the person and also the barriers and derailers, but have not been able to make progress with them. I have reached out to Sandro in the past because his expertise enables him to delve into the EQ challenges that are barriers to optimal performance. He takes a very transparent, direct approach that instils confidence in both the professional being coached and me, as the ultimate performance manager. His approach is unique and comprehensive in terms of 360 interviews, assessments, clear goals and accountabilities and status reporting. He earns the trust and respect of those he coaches and I see marked improvements and increased self-awareness from these individuals.
— Beth Wilson - CEO, Dentons Canada
The ascendance up the learning curve and the tangible improvements in executive leadership that I experienced with Sandro were second-to-none. I now have a clear understanding of and experience in the practical application of all core executive leadership aspects, which have already given me a strong basis for effective leadership with a clear path forward for achieving new heights.
— Eduard Smirnov - CEO, Uranium One
Sandro took a very comfortable, engaging and personable approach in discussing our situation which mirrored our aspirations for the engagement. This connection provided us with assurance that our management team would be at ease in discussing their thoughts and opinions.
— Darryl Croft - Chairman, OK Tire Stores
Not only did Sandro help me find my blind spots, he helped me better understand what were the blind spots with some of my direct reports and within the organization.
— Feroz Ashraf - Former EVP Mining, SNC Lavalin