The better you understand yourself, and the people you work with, the more effective you can become.


hi, I am Dr. Sandro Iannicca.

I am an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, and the founder of SI Consulting. I help senior executives and leaders of organizations become more effective in their roles. With over 25 years of expertise in executive coaching and leadership development, there is no individual or team I can’t help to improve.

Sandro offered guidance and insights which helped us to work together more effectively.
— Michael McCain - President and CEO, Maple Leaf Foods

Here's how we help you to SUPERCHARGE your leadership:

Only three simple steps to becoming a more effective leader!

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Let's meet together one-on-one so that you can learn more about how to become the most effective leader possible with the help and support of an executive coach from SI Consulting

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Rome was not built in a day. We spend a great deal of time with you, listening and learning about your environment and the unique challenges you face, to help you clarify your vision and identify areas for improvement. We will guide you through a customized development plan that is particularly tailored to your specific needs and capabilities.

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You'll receive unique strategies and achieve results that not only make you a better leader, they also drive bottom line business results for your organization.

He is the best executive coach that I have ever worked with...he seems to get results.
— Sandy Scholes - EVP Global Human Resources, Entertainment One

The challenges you face as a senior leader can feel overwhelming.

You are feeling frustrated, your team’s not performing the way you want, your message is not getting across, and you may be questioning your skills and abilities as an executive. Do you want to take your performance to the next level, to balance your working and non-working life, and to become a more effective leader? If you're struggling with your mandate, if you’re not working at the top of your game, SI Consulting can help you supercharge your leadership.

Sandro understands the human dynamic of an organization.
— Michael Emory - President & CEO, Allied Properties REIT
He guided us through some stressful, difficult times.
— Darryl Croft - Chairman, OK Tire Stores

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